Miriam & Shane - Belhurst Castle Wedding - Geneva, NY

Miriam & Shane


Belhurst Castle, Geneva, NY

Lace wedding gown hanging from four poster bed.
Sparkly wedding shoes reflected on glass table.
Black and white image of flower girl putting her shoe on.
Black and white image of bride looking at herself in the mirror.
Portrait of bride looking out the window in the Belhurst Castle Tower.
Groom adujsts jacket cuff.
Father of the groom helps groom straighten jacket collar. 
Groom waits for bride during the first look.
Bride approaches during the first look.
First look between a bride and groom at Belhurst Castle in Geneva, NY.
Bride and groom smile near a stained glass window.

Bridesmaids in coral dresses laugh while standing around the bride.
Groomsmen in navy suits stand around the groom.
Bridal party stands in a line with trees and a lake behind them. They are on the lawn of Belhurst Castle.
Portrait of the groom in a navy suit and coral tie. 
Full length portrait of the bride looking down at her flowers.
Portrait of a bride wearing a white lace wedding gown. She is holding a bouquet of flowers that are white, coral, and light blue.

Black and white image of flower girl yelling on the stairs

Groom walks down aisle with parents.
Bride walks down aisle with Belhurst Castle in the background in Geneva, NY.
Bride smiles as she walks down the aisle with her mother and father.
Bride and Groom get married with a lake in the background in Geneva, NY.
Bride and groom get married surrounded by family, friends, and bridal party.
Bride and groom walk back down the aisle after being married.

Romanatic moment between a groom and the bride.
Bride smiles as groom kisses her cheek.
Groom kisses bride on the shoulder. The sky and lake are blue behind them.
Bride sits on grooms lap. Castle decor surrounds them.

Bride and groom are introduced into the reception
Bride grins as she dances her first dance with groom.
Black and white image of bride and groom during first dance.
First dance at wedding.
Bride dances with father
Bride does a funny dance with her father.
Groom and mother dance.
Groom and mother dance while a circle of friends surround them.

Bride and groom portrait at sunset. Pine trees are in the background.
Bride and groom portrait, glowing light behind them.
Bridal portrait. Bride is surrounded by trees.
Belhurst Castle wedding photo at sunset.
Silhouette of bride and groom agaisnst Geneva Lake.

Guests participate in the Horah.
Horah Dance.
Black and white image of bride and groom getting lifted up on chairs during the Horah.
Band plays at wedding reception.
Groom plays guitar with flower girl during wedding reception.


Photography: Calypso Rae Photography

Reception Venue: Belhurst Castle

Wedding Gown: BHLDN

Suit: Brooks Brothers 

Florist: Sandy's Floral Gallery

Hair & Makeup: Isabella Spa

Kristen and Chuck - Lincklaen House Wedding - Cazenovia, NY

Kristen & Chuck


The Lincklaen House, Cazenovia, NY

Lace wedding dress
Up close image of diamond wedding rings.
Black and white image of bride getting her hair done.
Black and white portrait of the bride in a sweetheart lace gown.
Bride sitting in front of vintage wallpaper holding flowers.
Groom kisses bride in hallway of vintage hotel
Moody portrait of bride and groom at the Lincklaen House in Cazenovia, NY.
Bridal party in front of a lake.
Bride and groom touch noses in front of a lake. Bride holds a bouquet of flowers.
Bride rests her head on grooms shoulder. She wears a veil. They are in front of a lake.
Bride and groom stand in front of Cazenovia Lake. Bride looks back at groom and smiles.
Black and white image of bride and groom having a beer at Empire Brewery in Cazenovia, NY.
Black and white image of bride leaning into groom while he gives her a kiss on the cheek.
Bride holds grooms face in her hands.
Black and white image of the bridal party in front of brewery equipment at Empire Brewery.
Dramatic photo of bride and groom in a brewery.
Groom kisses bride on shoulder while bride smiles.
Bride and groom outside, they lean against a fence and are looking at each other.
Bride holds out her veil and looks down at it. Trees line the background.
Wedding ceremony arbor adorned with flowers.
Groom waits at the alter for his bride to walk down the aisle.
Bride is emotional as she walks down the aisle with her father.
Black and white image of an emotional bride as she walks down the aisle with her father.
Bride and groom stand facing each other during the ceremony.
close up of bride and grooms happy faces during ceremony.
First kiss during the wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom exit the wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom share first dance
Groom smiles during first dance.
Black and white image of first dance.
Bride smiles during father daughter dance.
Happy moment during the father daughter dance.
Mother son dance at a wedding.
Black and white image of mother smiling during mother son dance at a wedding.
Sunset photo of groom holding bride around the waist. Bride is wearing a lace wedding gown.
Bride and groom kiss outside at sunset.
Bride and groom stand on the street corner at sunset in Cazenovia, NY.
Reception photo of bride and friend dancing.

Caitlin and Joe - Lake Shore Yacht and Country Club Wedding - Cicero, NY

The week leading up to Caitlin and Joe's wedding I found myself packing my rain boots and ordering a sweet purple rain poncho off of Amazon, while Caitlin and Joe arranged for backup locations in case of rain. But, even though a storm rolled through severe enough to set off everyone's emergency weather alerts during the ceremony, by the time we set out to shoot the portraits it had passed. We were left with a clear blue sky, little fluffy clouds, and a spectacular sunset. 

Caitlin and Joe's wedding was such a pleasure to document; full of so much love and happiness. Enjoy the photos :).


Ivory ball gown wedding dress
Sparkly wedding shoes on a teal chair.
Bridesmaids help bride into her wedding gown. They are laughing and happy.
Black and white image of the bride holding her flowers. She looks out a window.
Black and white image of a groom adjusting his bowtie.
Groom buttons his white vest. There is a reflection of him in the image.
Portrait of a groom looking out a window. He has a black tux on with a white bowtie.
Groom watches his bride walk down the aisle in a church. He is emotional.
Bride walks down the aisle with her father. She is laughing and smiling at her bridesmaids. She is in a church.
Bride and groom share their first kiss.
Bride in an Ivory wedding gown poses with bridesmaids in purple floor length dresses.
Black and white image of bride laughing with bridesmaids.
Groom in a tux with his groomsmen behind him.
Portrait of a groom. Black tux, white vest.
Portrait of the bride and groom. They are standing in front of a stone building with ivy growing on it. It is located at Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY.
Moody portrait of bride leaning against groom. The background is dark except for a stainglassed window.
Bride and groom enter their reception hall for the first time as husband and wife. They are at Lakeshore Yacht and Country Club in Cicero, NY.
A black and white image of the bride and groom sharing their first dance.
Bride and groom smile while sharing their first dance.
Portrait of bride hugging groom from behind. They are both smiling.
Portrait of bride and groom looking at each other. There are flowers in the background.
Groom twirls bride at Lakeshore Yacht and Country Club.
Black and white image of a bride and groom standing near a lake. Bride is wearing a ball gown.
Groom kisses bride on the side of the head. They are standing in front of a lake.
Bride smiles and looks over her shoulder.
Bride smiles with eyes closed. She stands in front of a lake with fluffy white clouds behind her.
Black and white image of the bride and her father sharing a dance together.
Bride smiles at her dad as they share a dance during her wedding reception.
Groom dances with his mother.
Groom smiles as he shares a dance with his mom.
The brides parents dance at the wedding reception. 
Happy bride and groom dancing image.
Bride and groom sunset image.
Sunset Silhouette.
Bride and groom hold hands and watch the sunset across the lake.

Stephanie and Barnett - Cornell University - Engagement Session

Cornell University continues to be one of my favorite locations for a photo session. No matter how many times I shoot there, I remain inspired and able to find new shots and locations. As graduates of Cornell University, Stephanie and Barnett decided the campus would make the perfect backdrop for their engagement session. I had a wonderful afternoon exploring the campus with them! Enjoy the photos :) ~Caly

Rebecca and Thomas - Key Hall at Proctors Wedding - Schenectady, NY

The last time that I saw Rebecca and Thomas, there had been snow on the ground and we were super bundled up as we made our way around R.I.T for their engagement shoot. When I met up with them again, this time in Schenectady and in June, the weather was much more favorable! The sun came out and Rebecca and Thomas celebrated their marriage with their loving family and friends. Their day was full of classic, timeless details, and touching tender moments. As always, it's such an honor to capture these moments for my lovely couples. Enjoy the photos from their day :). ~Caly