Being present on your wedding day is my wish for you, and it’s what I’m practicing all the time as a mom, a wife, a friend, and as a photographer. For me, it means being mindful of each moment as it unfolds, pausing to see its vibrancy and depth. I see it in the color of my daughter’s eyes or when golden hour settles on our campsite in the Adirondacks—everything seems to come into focus.

Seeing a moment’s color and capturing a story in images has always connected with me and inspired me. When I was in second grade, just after my family moved to Maine, my teacher asked me to create a poster of my interests. Even at 7, those interests were color and shape! This has never changed for me. I carried those interests with me into college, as I studied Film, Photography & Visual Arts. That was when I realized I recognize light and shadow, tone and color in a way that not everyone else does, or can.

I love using those visual elements to make a moment look and feel cinematic. Noticing the tiniest of touches, the changing light, and holding each second in time in its full magnitude. Every photograph tells a small story in its frame, and your story should live on forever.

What I love most about our clients is that they want this too, for their photos to feel timeless and true to their own story. They are genuine people, clear in their values, bold and direct in the expression of their hearts. I both appreciate and relate to their way of approaching the world. It’s always been important to me to be thoughtful and intentional, whether it’s in how I serve my clients or in how I live my own life—what I’m learning next for my creativity and business, how my family spends our time together, and how we are caring for the earth.

For me, being a photographer is also so much more intentional than taking a beautiful photo. It’s about how I continually challenge myself to see a situation creatively. To pay close attention to every single shot. It’s about connection, comfort, and so much trust. You chose me to document this day, and I bring every ounce of my focus and commitment to that job: working calmly and quietly behind the scenes, but also stepping up, shifting plans, and problem solving quickly.

Most of all, being your photographer is about acknowledging your vision and values. It’s being present so I can honor your experience of these moments, your truth.

Just as I want to help you stay present, I strive to do this every day with my husband, Steve, and our daughter, Lucy Bee. Helping Lucy learn her letters, or watching her curiosity grow as she explores the world around her—I don’t want to miss a second. We love our family adventures, whether it’s camping or trying a new restaurant, we’re spreading out on a blanket in the park or spreading out Carcassone on our dining room table. However we’re spending our time together, I’m focused on what’s right there in front of me—because those are my moments for living.

These are your moments for living. Let me capture them!