Living intentionally, one-mindfully, in the present.  It’s key.  It’s what I’m focused on all the time as a mom, a wife, a friend, and as a photographer.  For me it means being present to each moment as it unfolds, pausing to see its vibrancy and depth.  I see it in the color of my daughter’s eyes or when golden hour settles around our campsite in the Adirondacks – everything seems to come into focus.

Being present is my wish for you, too.  When you look back on your wedding, I want you to feel an exquisite déjà vu – the precise memory of the feeling in your heart while you fully lived that moment.  Because cupcakes become crumbs and flower crowns dry.  But the way you kissed outside in the sun while everyone you love most lived the exact same moment by your side – that feeling should spark in your heart forever.

Capturing a moment’s color and story in images has always been my calling.  When I was in second grade, just after my family moved to Maine, my new teacher asked me to create a poster of my interests.  At 7, those interests were shapes and colors!  This hasn’t changed a bit.  I carried those interests with me through college as I studied Film, Photography & Visual arts.  That was when I realized that I recognize light and shadows, tone and color in a way that not everyone else does, or can.  

I love using those visual elements to make a moment look and feel cinematic.  Noticing the slightest expressions and fleeting gestures, and holding each one in time in its full magnitude. Every photograph tells a small story in its frame.  Your images should tell your story forever.

I find my clients are drawn to this cinematic style of imagery, but also my personal style of being.  I am quiet and focused.  I pay close attention to quality and creativity, and work calmly and efficiently.  Couples often tell me I make them feel comfortable, that they appreciate how I stay behind the scenes but am quick to step up, shift plans, and problem-solve when needed.

What I love most about my clients is that they want their photos to feel timeless and true to their own story.  Fewer showy details, less editing, and more mood: love, celebration, the joy of everyone they hold dear nearby.  Genuine, direct, bright, and bold are their values in style and life.

Ultimately, my clients want to work with someone they trust, who will let them be present – to each other, to their family, friends, and every kiss, hug, and glance that catches the light.

I try to do this every day with my husband, Steve, and our daughter, Lucy Bee.  Whether we’re spread out on a blanket at the park or spreading out Carcassone on our dining room table, I’m focused on what’s right there in front of me – because those are my moments for living. 

These are your moments for living. Let me capture them!