Truth. This is what I love most about wedding days. It lives in your love for each other. It reflects in your vows to one another. It appears in every moment of the day: in your best friend’s smile, your flower girl’s twirl on the dance floor. Your father’s toast, your mother’s tears of joy.

Even after working in the wedding industry for over 20 years, first as a planner and then a photographer, this remains unchanged for me. I always look for truth.

I discovered photojournalism—this candid, raw, and real approach to photography—while studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. This documentary style suits my personality, also; I prefer not to project my energy into a situation. Instead, I watch for moments to reveal themselves. While some photographs we still stage—so you can look back on your family for generations to come or remember the exact colors of your flowers—we try to stay on the outside looking in. You remain in the moment; it’s yours.

With this approach comes something else I love: the challenge of creative problem-solving during a day that goes by so quickly. Embracing the changing light, following fleeting glances, finding angles that frame what you want to remember and work around what you don’t—that DJ station, the parking lot, a smartphone. What I find to focus on is what’s most important: you, your love, your celebration.

I’ve photographed more than 400 weddings, but I’ve never stop learning this craft. From nuptials in cavernous wine cellars to receptions in the rain or portraits on blindingly bright afternoons, every celebration inspires me to embrace the challenge. My clients trust me to capture this day, and I honor that with my best work. I don’t believe in phoning it in.

Like Caly, I am intentional in how I serve my clients and live the values of my own life. Crafting a career doing creative work I love. Being home for my son when he gets off the bus. Always looking for truth: whether it’s in the moment my son steps up to the plate, bat in hand, or there on the dance floor, where you’re both laughing as your story unfolds all around you.

These are your moments of truth. Let me capture them.