Meher & Danial - Marriott Syracuse Downtown - Syracuse, NY

Last month I headed over to the Marriott Syracuse Downtown to photograph this gorgeous wedding reception. Meher and Danial were married in Pakistan, but of course they wanted to celebrate their marriage with their friends and family here in Syracuse as well. The reception was absolutely stunning. The already grand ballroom was made even more magnificent by cherry blossom centerpieces thanks to Elegant Affairs Inc. It was my first time shooting at this venue since it opened and I'm excited that I'll be back a few times this season. 

I had the chance to do a few portraits with Meher and Danial right in the ballroom and I took advantage of the natural light let in by the enormous windows. After portraits it was time for them to mingle with their guests, enjoy a victory by Michigan in the march madness playoffs, and then celebrate the night away. Enjoy the photos :).

A wide shot of the grand ballroom at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown. The room is golden and ornate with large floor to ceiling windows and hanging crystal chandeliers. The tables are decorated with Cherry Blossoms. The image was produced by Calypso Rae Photography.
Tablescape at a wedding reception in Syracuse, NY. The table is labled as table 8 and has cherry blossoms as the centerpiece.
Close up for Cherry Blossom branches. They are pink and white.
Cherry blossom centerpieces line ballroom tables in the Marriott Syracuse Downtown Ballroom. Photo taken by Syracuse Wedding Photographer, Calypso Rae Photography.
Image of table 7 at a wedding in the Marriott Syracuse Downtown ballroom. The table has cherry blossoms on it. You can see a chandelier in the background as well as other tables.
The sweetheart table for the bride and groom is lined with a sparkly gold cloth and a floral arrangement. The table sits on a stage with an arch of cherry blossoms above it. Large floor to ceiling windows are behind the table. On either side of the sweetheart table are two smaller tables with flowers on them. The sweetheart table is in the Marriott Syracuse Downtown ballroom and was photographed by Syracuse wedding photographer Calypso Rae.
Dessert table at a wedding. 
A white and gold wedding cake is adorned with pink and orange flowers. A mirror is behind the cake causing a reflection of the cake to be seen as well as the tables in the room.

A bride and groom pose in the ballroom of their wedding reception. The bride is dressed in traditional Pakistani dress. The groom is in a suit.
Bride and groom smile at each other during a portrait with Syracuse Wedding Photographer Calypso Rae Photography.
Bride and groom stand amongst cherry blossoms in the ballroom of Marriott Syracuse Downtown. They are smiling at each other and have their hands on each others arms. 
Portrait of a bride and groom in front of a huge mirror that goes to the ceiling of the ballroom.
Bride smiles at her groom in the Marriott Syracuse Downtown Ballroom. They are standing in front of a large mirror.

A man in a blue suit plays a wooden flute.
Silhouette of people watching march madness at a wedding reception
Bride and groom enter their wedding reception.
Bride and groom cut their cake.
Bride and groom seated at their sweet heart table, surrounded by their parents and siblings.
Black and white image of bride and groom laughing during their wedding reception.
Bride laughs, while groom raises his hands in joy during their wedding reception.


Photography - Calypso Rae Photography

Venue - Marriott Downtown Syracuse

Event Design and Decor - Elegant Affairs Inc.